Irish Beans


For a lot of the year the only beans available to us are imported from Africa. Our bean season lasts from June until October and I can usually find fine beans, garden peas and broad beans during these months. I got a nice surprise this morning when I came across this Irish Mange-tout at Ciaran Butler's in the market. I have honestly never tasted sweeter or crisper Mange-tout, it's night and day compared to the African produce we are used to. He only had a couple of boxes so I took both and they're available in Cabra and Marino today, he doesn't know if there will be more available. Irish Fine beans are there too and again are a different experience altogether compared to the African. There will certainly be a few more weeks of Fine beans but Im not sure if there will be much more Mange-tout before the season finishes. Enjoy!

Sunny spells and scattered showers...

It looks like we'll be back to "changeable weather" for the next few days. We hope these new specials comfort you through the showery bits and help you celebrate the sunny bits.

Irish Scallions bunch. .59c 

Galia Melons. €1.

Sweet Irish Cherry Tomatoes 400g. €1

Mixed Seedless Grapes 500g. €1.


"It will be dry and sunny today with temperatures from 18 to 25 degrees"

"It will be dry and sunny today with temperatures from 18 to 25 degrees". 
Thats according to the weather man on RTE radio this morning. And the same again tomorrow! The smell of BBQ's will be tickling the taste-buds all around the country. We'll leave Brady's, Moran's and Etherson's to sort your meat for you, but we can help you with the trimmings with a few great specials.

Italian new potatoes are perfect for a potato salad and we have 2 kilo bags for €2.

Strawberries, a must in this weather, are €3 for 500g punnets or 2 for €5 while stocks last.

Large Royal Gala Apples will make a great Waldorf salad and are only 5 for €1.

Butternut Squash €1 each... just in case you don't like barbecuing...


Lilliput Trading Co Balsamic & Olive Oil

When I lived in Spain, salads were always simply dressed with Olive Oil, Vinegar and Salt and Pepper. There was never a need for anything else. They generally use Wine or Sherry Vinegar in Spain but Balsamic works as well. The better the quality of the Oil and Vinegar used, the less you have to use and of course, the better the flavour.
This Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 12 year old Balsamic Vinegar from the Lilliput Trading Company dress my salads these days and they are beautiful together. Only a small amount of the vinegar is needed because it really dense (1.32 density which is pretty dense in Balsamic terms) and it will overpower everything else if you use too much. The Olive Oil Cold pressed and is Single Origin so it really holds its fruity flavour.