New Specials

In my humble opinion, these are four of the best as our new specials.

Pink Ladies are by far the most popular apples we have in stock. We are slap bang in the middle of the French season right now and the quality is great this year. Really deep pink colour, crunchy and full of flavour. We rarely have these on special so I'd take advantage of it.
6 for €2 now.

Fennel isn't everyones favourite but I really love it. It gives a subtle aniseed flavour to your dish and is great raw in salads or roasted but it really comes into it's own with fish. €1.80/kilo.

Sweet Potato. My favourite way to cook it is definitely cut into wedges and roasted with allspice or ground chilli and olive oil. Serve with anything you like or just munch them on their own. €1.50/kilo.

Carrots from Hook Head, 1 kilo bags are .69c. We all know carrots will go with almost anything, but a grate it up with a bulb of that fennel, squeeze an orange over it and your in for a treat.