New Specials

We're doing some great Autumn Specials at the moment. Whether you prefer to juice it in the morning or mash it up with your spuds, super duper healthy Kale is always a winner. Especially at .75c a bag!

Squash season is up and running so we've put Butternut Squash on at a bargain. It's a really versatile vegetable and is great in soups, stews or roasted whole or chopped (keep an eye out for a recipe coming soon). €1/kilo.

We also have these beautiful juicy Katy Apples from Oldtown, North Country Dublin. They're only €1/punnet.

Have a look at our last post about Liguori Pasta to see why we think its so special. The Fresine is a really nice cut, very similar to Tagliatelle when cooked. A steal at 2 for €3.