New Specials

Apart from Monkey nuts and the grapes that have been mushed to the bottom of the trick or treat bag, when I think of Halloween food, I always think of Clementines, Colcannon and more recently Kakis. So we have based our new specials around these.
First up we have 2.5kg of Keoghs Class 1 Roosters for €2. These are the best potatoes to come out of North County Dublin and are the same fellas that are making the tastiest crisps around: Keoghs Crips. Simply put, they're the best to be had!
Next up is the Irish staple York Cabbage at .65c per head. This is really nice at the moment with a lovely firm heart and deep green leaves. You can use it in the Colcannon for Halloween night!
Spanish Satsumas have arrived and are lovely and juicy. We have them at 6 for €1.
Kaki aka Persimmon, aka Sharonfruit, is in prime season at Halloween and is one of the more interesting fruits that we see over the autumn/winter. If you haven't tried them you should give them a go, especially when we have them at 2 for €1. You won't be disappointed.