Trying to get back on track after the Christmas Gluttony?

We're not nutritionists or dietitians at The Fresh Market but here's our tuppence worth on how to get back on track after the Christmas Gluttony. It's not rocket science. Forget the new craze diet that promises a six pack in 2 days. Bring it back to basics. Good wholesome cooking with quality, healthy ingredients. If you have to snack choose fruit instead of chocolate or crisps. Choose the stairs instead of the lift. Walk to the shops instead of taking the car. 

We've chosen our new specials based on this.
Kale: .75c each
Jonagold Apples: 8 for €1
Fresh Beetroot: €1.50/kg
Clementines: 8 for €1

We wish all our customers all the best for 2017.